JSW – The results of four generations of accomplishments and new technologies – J-ADS.

AD Support

  • Energy-saving/maintenance
  • Energy-saving function
  • Power consumption monitor
  • Supporting reduction in power consumption
  • Both predictive and preventive maintenance

AD Smart

  • Controller Function enrichment with simple operation
  • Simple display of process parameters
  • Molding condition memo
  • I/O customized function

AD Strong

  • Clamping Unit Lightweight high rigidity, low vibrations
  • Longer mold life
  • Reduced grease use for cleaner machine
  • Clamping force feedback
  • Reduction in mold maintenance costs

AD Stable

  • Injection Unit New designed energy saving barrel
  • New proposals for screw technologies
  • Stabilization of molded parts
  • JSW original recovery functions
  • Wide selection of injection unit to customer needs


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