About Manvel Machinery Sales Company Inc. – A Michigan Based Company

Manvel Machinery Sales Company Inc. – We are a dynamic Manufacturer’s Representative agency, specializing in equipment and systems for plastics production. With some of our products being applicable to other industries, such as die casting, chemical and food processing etc., we have a broad knowledge of “best practices” when it comes to your particular equipment needs.

Manvel Machinery Sales Co.

Since our founding in 1981, we have consistently delivered on our promise to provide a high quality, stable offering of only the best products suitable to your needs. With our years of experience in Plastics Equipment and Auxiliary Systems, we offer you solutions that drive more profit to your bottom line. We give the Plastics Processor a commitment to total customer satisfaction, and strive to provide the ultimate in after-sale Customer Service. Our intention is to be the “benchmark” for delighting the customer by delivering more service than expected. Whether it is a simple accessory, or a complete new manufacturing facility, Manvel Machinery can be your partner in a successful design, installation and implementation. We encourage you to relax and do what you do best – Produce!

Our commitment is to maintain a product offering that will keep our customers at the leading edge of productivity, product quality, and of course, Profitability!

Meet The Team


Jim Weesies

Office: 616-662-1904
Cell: 616-301-4499


Christian Skuras

Regional Manager

(586) 549-2545